Edexcel - Ethics Revision Bullet Summery's.

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Utilitarianism and Situation ethics.

  • Utilitarianism - greatest happiness for greatest number

  • No moral absolutes moral solutions flexible for situations

  • Recent versions of negative and preference

  • Act - morally right if happiness created - Bentham

  • Rule - based on an action known to create most happiness - Mill

  • Hedonic calculus

  • Critics

  • Too simple and ignores the minority, can allow morally wrong actions too.

  • Situation ethics based on love, formed in the 1960’s. - Fletcher

  • Based on the actions of Jesus and agape.

  • Reflects nature and purpose

  • Critics-

  • Too simple, hard to predict outcome.

War and Peace

  • Dilemmas of religious belief and war. Situations must be judged in context

  • Holy war, is religious war

  • Physical, spiritual wars, spiritual is supported by religious teachings.

  • Pacifism based on non violence such as Jesus and Gandhi.

  • Originated from Plato.

  • Jus ad bellum: the conditions under which the use of military force is justified.

  • Jus in bello: how to conduct a war in an ethical manner.


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