Drug Treatment for Schizophrenia

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Drug therapy (biological treatment of Schizophrenia)

Antipsychotic drugs or neuroleptics, first developed in the 1950s.

They helped sedate the patient and reduce the intensity and frequency of hallucinations and dellusions, amongst other psychotic behaviours.

Later drugs fit into dopamine receptors in the brain, blocking the dopamine and stopping it being picked up, so minimising its effects.

They are more effective when given at the onset of schizophrenia.

Clozapine, developed in the 70s, also appears to reduce the negative symptoms, thought some debate remains as the evidence is inconclusice.
Some studies find it effective, others have not.


  • Drugs allow the patient to live in society, so avoiding be institutionalised by a long-term stay in hospital. It also allows them to acess other therapies which may help cure them.
  • Pickar et al…


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