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The 'scattering' eperiment- discovery of the nucleus 

  • 1) used apparatus in a vacuum chamber: to prevent air molecules absorbing the alpha particles
  • 2) used a very thin layer of gold foil to fire alpha particles at -->
  • ALPHA PARTICLES CONSIST OF 2 PROTONS (Positive charge) and 2 NEUTRONS (no charge) that overall has a 2+ POSITIVE CHARGE.
  • 3) they used a detector to measure the number of alpha particles deflected per second through different angles, each time an alpha particle hit, a spot of light was observed.

Their results showed that:

  • most of the ALPHA particles passed staright through the metal foil
  • number of alpha particles deflected (going 'to') per minute decreased as the angle of deflection increased, deflected by varying amounts

Results:There is a NUCLEUS at the centre of every ATOM that is:

  • Positively charged because it REPELS alpha particles (because the foil had a atoms in the metal had


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