digital devices(edexcel igcse 9-1)

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Types of digital devices 

Mainframe Computers - used for complex processing tasks

Microprocessors - embedded in products like washing machines

Personal Computers - laptops, desktop computers

Desktop Replacements - laptops are sometimes called desktop relacements

Mobile Phones - specialist phones (meet users accessibility needs) and smart phones.

                         - they connect to a network by the use of a sim (subscriber identity module), this helps the mobile network identify the subscriber.

Tablets - similar to mobile phones, only bigger

Cameras and Camcorders - they use light sensors to capture images through its lens.Camcorders capture a series of images to produce a moving film. Cameras captures stil images.

Game Consoles - enable users to play video games on a television screen.

                            - hand-held verions provide mobile gaming 

Home Entertainment Systems - televions, sound systems, personal video recorders (PVR) and blu-ray and DVD players.

Media Players -  provide video and audio…