Hardware and Software

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  • Hardware and Software
    • Hardware
      • Hardware are the physical components of a computer
      • Internal Hardware Devices
        • Processor, Motherboard, Random Access Memory (RAM), Read Only Memory (ROM), video cards, sound cards, sound cards and internal hard disk drives.
      • External Hardware Devices
        • Monitors, keyboards, printers, external storage devices
    • Software
      • are  programs that are used for controlling the operation of a computer or processing electronic data.
      • Types of Software
        • Application Software.
          • Programs that allow the user to do specific tasks.(Word processing, Spreadsheet, Database management systems, control software, measuring software, applets and apps, photo editing software, video editing software, graphics manipulation software.
        • System Software
          • Programs that allow the hardware to run properly and allow the user to communicate with the computer.(Compilers, Linkers, Device drivers, Operating systems, and utilities)




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