Diamond and Sigmundson (1987)

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Diamond and Sigmundson (1987)

Aim: To show that children cannot be nurtured or socialised into gender roles, it is an innate and instinctive role we are born with.

Background: The penis of an 8-month old boy was damaged during an operation, therefore being raised like a female (after having a sex change). At the time, it was stated that the individual had developed into a normally functioning female. There was, of course, a follow up.

Follow up: They investigated 2 ideas:

  • individuals are psychosexually neutral at birth
  • healthy psychosexual development is closely linked to the appearance of genitals

Idea 1: Individuals are psychosexually neutral at birth

John's mother was told to treat him like a girl, but it was a disaster. She refused to wear dresses, would rather mimic her dad shaving than her mum putting make-up on. Girls toys, clothes and activities were mainly rejected, she had little interest in dolls or sewing. She was seen


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