Descartes ontological argument

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  • Descartes version of the Ontological Argument
    • disagreed that the ontological argument isnt valid as we dont have the same understanding of what god is (according to aquinas)
      • Descartes reformulated the ontological argument in his book 'meditations'
    • Like Plato and Anselm believed that we are born with ready-made ideas, concepts that are already imprinted in our minds from birth.
      • If we are born with a concept of equality shapes etc, then we are born with the concept of what God is
      • We understand God to be perfection
        • Omniscient
        • Omnipotent
        • omnibelevolence
    • Analogy of a triangle/ mountain
      • Existence is part of the essence of God, just like three triangles adding up to 180' are part of the essence of a triangle, and a valley is part of the essence of a mountain
        • Althopugh he realised that these analogies had their limitations
          • we might not think of a mountain without also thinking of a valley
            • But God is different, as God involves not angles or valleys, but eorfection, and for Descartes, existence is perfection
    • Baso, god is perfection, and descartes saw existence as perfection so god must exist.
    • God is eternal and unchanging


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