Definitions of Abnormality


Statistical Infrequency

Define- Abnormality is defined as those behaviours that are extremely rare. Such behaviour is found in very few people.

Main points to include:

-Mental Health: Depression and anxiety are not rare but clinical depression is rare. This is because depression is diagnosed in the presence of a doctor.

-Gender Issues: Females are more likely to consult a GP. In our culture, females are allowed to wear make-up and skirts without seeming abnormal compared to males.

-Cultural Issues: In some Eastern cultures, mentally ill people are considered to be cursed. Some remote cultures in Africa walk around semi-naked and you are the minority if clothed.

-Age: Thumb sucking and bed wetting may be considered normal at 2 years but not at 20 years.

Deviation from Social Norms:

Define: Abnormal behaviour is seen as a deviation from social norms about how to 'correctly' behave. Anything that violates that norms/laws are considered abnormal.

Example: politeness. People who are rude are considered to be behaving in a socially deviant way because others find it hard to interact with them.

Some rules are implicit where as others are law. For example, not laughing at a funeral is an implicit social rule whereas causing a disorder in public is against the law.

Further example (needed): In the past homosexuality was classified as…


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