Definition of Abnormality

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2 definitions:

1)Social Norms Definition:

Definition: any behvaiour which deviates from the social norm (what the majority of society deems as acceptable)

Factors to be taken into accont when applying this def.:

  • Culture -one persons behvaiour may be deemed as acceptable in one culture but not in the other.
  • Context - in certain situatons, 'abnormal' behaviour is acceptable e.g. fancy dress for a party is fine but fancy dress for everyday tasks is not fine
  • Age- affects whether behviour is considered 'abnormal' or not. e.g a child can wear fancy dress everyday but a twenty year old man can't.

Evaluation of Social Norms def.:

+ def. takes into account that there is no universal def. of abnormality so what may be considered 'abnormal' in one culture may be 'normal' in another. Abnoramlity is therefore cultural bound

+Takes into account 'abnormal' behaviour is not always undesirable. eg. a high IQ is statistically abnormal but is not undesirable

+ this def. looks at environemental factors, such as social relationships, and how they affect a person's mental health. Therefore, a person considered 'abnormal' is not judged on one flaw.

- the def. us very subjective as there is no fixed def. of abnormality which may lead to minorities being discriminated against and is


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