Data Potection act ( 1998 )

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  • The data protection was created to keep private and personal data, private. But it only covers people, not businesses or buildings. For example if you buy something using a business credit card it is not covered by the DPA but if you use your own credit card it will.
  • Everybody can check what data is held against them.
  • The government set up the Information Commissioner's to look after the act.

Who uses it:

  • Data sunject: data subjects have data held about them.
  • Data users: the people who use it.

The data controller in a company makes sure that the data protection act is being followed in that company. The data subject can check what is being held against them.

8 main princibles:

  • Fairly and lawfully processed-
  • Used for limited purposes - the company has to give a reason why they want…


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