Cultural Anthropology - Podcast (Script/Prompts)

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"Hey everyone, I'm Aleksandra Cameron. I am a student at the University of Central Lancashire studying archaeology and anthropology. On this weeks podcast we will be devling into how disabiltiies are viewed in Western culture in comparrison to Asiatic culture to try and asnwer the question is their really acceptance. 

Topic One - What is a disability?:

"So to get this thing started I think it is important to get down what a disability is for not only Western culture but also in others. This is important as our definition is not the same as many others, especially that of Asiatic countries. In the west we typically view mental illnesses to be within the brackets of what a disability is; however, in south-eastern Asiatic culture this broad definition is not translatable to all. Though government policy uses broad terms within certain cultures, for example, that of the Phillippines and S. Korea there is still heavy stigma.

Prompt - 

  • Trandtional belief of Asiatic countries - relationship to culture
  • Multiethnographic West - the relationship with tradition is not as strict 

Topic Two - Does sex/gender or age affect the treatment of those with disability?

"Now that we have covered what a disability is within these two cultures, it is necessary to delve deeper into these cultures and see whether normal social constraints have an affect on disabled people within these cultures. When comparring the…


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