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Within the limited pages of the story Of Mice And Men, one is impacted by the tremendous amount of loneliness Crooks feels and how he behaves because of his loneliness and what he does to overcome it

For example, Crooks is a stable buck, on a farm, which is surrounded by white people that are racist. As a result of this he spends his time in solidarity, reading in his stable alone. To show how deprived he is, he leaves the window open because underneath lies piles of horse manure (p.73). Equally important, as the story progresses Crooks is so desperate for attention that when Lennie a mentally challenged worker comes to the stable, Crooks attempts to scare Lennie. He tries to scare him

Crooks is a ***** stable buck. He lives alone and he is often discriminated because he is black and because he is a cripple. He lives in the harness room and his house is well swept with the occasional books and magazines on the floor. On page 99 it says that he keeps his distance from people and that he demands that other people keep theirs. From this we can determine that he is a very secluded man and he likes his privacy, however we also learn later on that he is very lonely. Lennie goes into Crook' house after going to see his puppy but it is made clear that he is not welcome. Crooks scowls at Lennie and tells him to get out of his room but Lennie is persistent…


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