Crime and Deviance

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Defining Crime and Deviance

Crime : An illegal act that is punishable by law. For example shoplifting, robbery or fraud. if a person commits a crime and it is detected, they could be arrested, charged or prosecuted. if they are found guilty, they will recieve a sentance such as a community order, fine or imprisionment

Deviance: this refers to the behaviour that does not conform to a societys norms or social rules, for instance, talking loudly in a library or in a cinema. if a person is found out that they have behaved in a deviant manner, it could lead to negative sanctions such as being told off, ignored or ridiculed.

Deviance as Socially Defined

Many sociologists argue that while crime involves legally defined behaviour, deviance is socially defined. Whether or not an act is seen as deviant depends on how other people react to it - how they


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