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Refers to a measure of how strongly two or more variables are related to each other. A positive correlation is when both variables are increasing, a negative correlation is when one variable increases whilst the other decreases.

Examples of studies

  • ·         Maguire (AS) – looks at the relationship between navigational experience (number of years as a taxi driver) and the volume of grey matter in the hippocampus.
  • ·         Daly & Wilson (A2) – looks at the relationship between homicide rate and life expectancy, and school truancy and life expectancy.

Similarities between a correlation and a lab experiment

P – High amounts of control from the use of scientific equipment.

E – Maguire, MRI scans done of all the taxi drivers brains.

E – Raine, PET scans done of all the murderers brains.

C – Supports psychology as a science as gives objective results.

P – Use quantitative data.

E – Daly & Wilson, life expectancy, homicide rate and truancy percentage.

E – Loftus & Palmer, Speed estimates and number who…


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