Consuming Resources

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Natural resources- Those materials found in the natural world that are useful to man and that we have the technology and willingness to use

Material resource- A natural substance that humans choose to use


Tar - sand oil ( non-renewable) Canada

  • enormous reserves of tar sand oil 
  • extraction= brings in money to companies
  • could avoid the costs of switching to other fuels such as hydrogen
  • extraction uses huge amounts of water = expensive
  • mining creates water and visual pollution 
  • oil is transported by ships which could cause pollution if damaged 
  • open cast mining so forests are removed = habitats destroyed.. CO2 not captured

Bio fuels (renewable)

  • CO2 absorebed when they are grown
  • engines need little change to cope with bio fuels
  • needs huge area of land to grow the crop 
  • reduces habitat variety due to monoculture 
  • deforestation of tropical forests in Borneo ----> biodiversity loss and


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