Constitutional Reform And Devolution

Constitutional Reform In The UK 

  • The of Lords Act 1999 did reform the lords, got rid of most of the heriditary peers and made most of the Lords appointed 
  • still 92 hereditary peers and the rest are appointed, most being Labour from Tony Blairs day 
  • Members of select comitees in the commons are now electeqd, far more democratic 
  • However the government still has to have a majority on these comitees, not independant 
  • Human Rights Act of 1998, better defined citizens individual rights 
  • However due to parliamentry sovreignty most of these rights can be abandoned, torturing of terrorists under anti terrorism laws of 2004
  • Still not wholly reformed, 16 year olds are not allowed the vote, not that democratic
  • However in 2014 scottish 16 year olds were allowed to vote, therefore giving them far more scope 
  • First Past The Post is still going


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