communist social change

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Mao wanted to modernise many aspects of life in China:

the social changes:

Cities were cleaned up-

residents had to contribute tidying up the streets. families had to produce one rat's tail a week for evidence

State control over business/banks-

if the company wasnt selling something the government approved they wouldnt be able to get a loan from the state bank


mao declared religion poisonous to society. christians and buddhists were attacked and churches were destroyed.

Free healthcare-

although medicine was not advanced there was more emphasis on prevention. poppy fields were destroyed and drug dealers were shot to reduce opium addiction. herbal remedies were looked down on

Customs and rituals-

songs,dances at weddings and festivals were banned tho peasants had performed these for generations. customs were replaced with political meetings organised by the communist party.

Policies for women-

before Mao women had no rights. female babies were drowned. girls could be…


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