Cognitive treatment for Schizophrenia (CBT)

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Cognirtive Treatment for Schizophrenia)

It combines the cognitive and behavioural approaches. Cognitive assumption is that our beliefs about the world, affect how we see the world and ourselves, the bahavioural part aims to change our behaviour.

CBT focuses on present behaviour and thuoghts instead of focusing on how those thoughts developed (AO2 point). The therapist has to accept the patient's perception of reality and then use this misperception to help the patient manage. It aims to allow the patient to use info from the world to make adaptive rather than maladaptive decisions. It does not aim to cure  (AO2) but to allow the patient to function relatively normally.

An agenda is set so that both therapist and patient know what they aim to get out of the sessions. The therapist helps the patient identify their faulty interpretations of the world and correct them. This is done by questioning and challenging maladaptive thoughts so the patient realises they are…


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