Churchill's Career to 1929

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Churchill's fear of Communism and social unrest


- After war Cabinet didn't have a clear policy on Russia

- Churchill wanted high level of intervention - thought the whites had a good chance of winning and were popular

- Connvinced Cabinet they had a moral obligation to Tsarist officers

Social Unrest in Britain:

- During war trade union movement doubled to 8 million

- Churchill was keen on military intervention:

- strikes in Liverpool/Glasgow - wanted to send troops in

- in Iraq approved use of gas and RAF bombing to put down unrest

Defence and Disarmament:

- 1919 Churchill introduced 10 year rule - basic for defence cuts

- but in 30s Churchill criticized disarmament - even though he had implemented it

- Reduced RAF the most

- Demobalized overseas troops


- Unrest since 1870 - wanted Home Rule (apart from Ulster) - passed in 1914 but not implemented

- Easter Rebellion 1916 - Dublin - British gov. executed Irish revolutionary leaders (+ conscription)  generated sympathy + support in Ireland - lead to formation of Sinn Fein

- War of Independence - Irish negotiator (Michael Collins) and Churchill + Birkenhead signed treaty - Southeren Ireland = 'free state'

- Treaty not accepted - Collins assassinated - CIVIL WAR

Colonial Secretary:

- Ireland + Arab/Jew situation - attempted compromise

Chanak Crisis:

- Greek/Turkish war after Turkish revolutionary movement - Churchill supported Turks at first

- Turks took Smryna in 1922 - Churchill changed view + joined Lloyd George and Birkenhead in aggressive policy to force Turks into negotiation

- Military war was against public opinion

- Kemal was dominant force

- Greeks had already been driven out

- little British interest at stake


- gone from pro-turk policy to apposing negotiations with Turks

- gone from hard line in Ireland to negotiating with Irish nationalists

- gone form bombing Iraqis to withdrawing troops and giving them de…


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