Child Language Development

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Pre birth

Has been scientifically proven that a baby can recognise the mothers voice.

Before the child is born it can recognise words.

Music can develop a baby’s brain.


Child expresses itself through crying.

They show reflexive responses and not conscious responses.

Child starts with vowel ‘A’ sounds.

They learn to control their air stream mechanism.

Stage 2: COOING & LAUGHING STAGE (8-20 weeks)

Make different cooing noises – e.g. ‘coo’, ‘goo’ ‘ga-ga’

Recognise parents faces and speech.

Towards the end of the stage they begin to string cooing noises.

They recognise language has a structure.

Learn to express themselves through laughing and chuckling.

Have control over their tongue.

Stage 3: VOCAL PLAY (20-30 weeks)

Begin to use consonant and vowel sounds.

Able to adjust pitch.

‘playing and experimenting’

Stage 4: BABBLING STAGE (25-50 weeks)

2 types of babbling sounds-

> RE-DUPLICATING- repeat sounds (e.g. woof woof) — #id-RE-DUPLICATING--repeat-sounds-e-g-woof-woof — #id-RE-DUPLICATING--repeat-sounds-e-g-woof-woof-id-RE-DUPLICATING--repeat-sounds-e-g-woof-woof



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