Language development theories and support

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  • Language development theories and research to support
    • Bruner's social interaction theory (children learn through social interaction)
      • CASE STUDY (Jim): had deaf parents and watched TV all day however this meant he failed to fully understand pragmatics and fully develop language
      • Child directied speech
    • Skinner's imitation theory (children learn by copying what they hear around them)
      • Parents use scaffolding and recasting
    • Chomsky's nativist theory (children are able to learn language using an innate language acquistion device)
      • Children make virtuous errors such as 'runned' which is an overgeneralisation
      • Jean Burko: using the wug test found that children can apply morphemes without imitation
      • Jean Aitchison (page 64 of AQA text book)
    • Piaget's cognitive theory (children can only start to use language once their brain understands the meaning)
      • Katherine Nelson: 60% of a child's first 50 words are nouns - shows that children are naming what they can see and understand but not much further


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