child development ATTACHMENT


Attachment refers to the bond between main giver and child

Sigmund Freud belived that babies a ttached to the person who fed them, along with social learning theorists. The person who feeds is a secondry reinforcer through their association with teh primary reinforceemnt of food.


Aim - whether monkeys woud form an attachment that provided food or compfort.

method - for each monkey he provided 2 wire mesh cylinders, 1 had a bottle and the other was coverd in cloth 

results - the monkeys spent more time on the soft cylinder and when frightenede they clung cylinder, they only went to the wire mesh cylinder when hungry.

Conclusion - reinfrcement through the provision of food is noth the main determiner of attachment.

evaluation - provided vital evidence about attachment but raised ethical issues regarding the threatment of the monkeys.

  • schaffer and emerson found that glasweigan infants formend attachments to those who communicated with them.
  • John Bolby…


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