Possible C4 Six Markers
Describing Group 1 (Alkali metals).
Describing Group 7 (Halogens)
Comparing Group 1 and Group 7 (perhaps in less detail).
Getting data and explaining it with knowledge of Group 1 and Group 7.
The history of the periodic table (given a table with Mendeleve's ideas and told to say why it works/why it doesn't, etc).
Explaining line spectrums/how used/useful.
Describing laboratory safety, different hazard symbols, how to work safely with dangerous chemicals, examples of dangerous chemicals and why they're dangerous. (Alkali metals and halogens).
Describing ionic bonding in detail.
The makeup of the atom, different rules it follows (N of ptotons = N of electrons). Electrons = negative, tiny, no mass, etc. Basically just a describe question.
Generally comparing the structure of 2 given atoms. 
Possible C5 Six Markers
Describing and explain molecular substances and their properties. (Possibly interpreting data).
Explaining covalent bonding.
Identifying negative ions. (some kind of "Class 11GL did an experiment and they…


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