Chem - Polymer Revolution 5.6

Polymer Revolution

Charlotte Jones

5.6 - The structure and properties of polymers

Key Terms:

Addition - Addition polymerisation is when two or more of the same monomers react together to form a polymer.

Copolymerisation - When two or more of different monomers react together to form a polymer.

Polymer - a long molecule made up from lots of small molecules together to form a polymer.

Elastomer - A polymer that is soft and srpingy, they can be deformed and returned to their original shape.

Plastic - Polymers that are not as springy and undergo permanent or plastic deformation.

Fibres - Stronger polymers that can be used to make clothes.

Thermoplastics - Materials that have no cross links.

Thermosets - Polymers that have strong covalent crosslinks.

What is a polymer?

A polymer molecule is a long molecule made of of smaller units called monomers. 


Addition Polymerisation

Polymers can be formed


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