Chapter 11 notes

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  • difusion of a solvent (usually water molecules) through a semipermeable membrane from an area of low solute concentration to an area of high solute concentration.

Uptake of water by roots

  • The water movess through the semipermiable membrane to enter into the plant cell are cause it to bacome turgid. Root hair cells are used for osmosis, as they are small and so are able to reach into difficult places.The root hair cells increase the surface area of the root epidermis. The root hair of the root epidermis penetrated between the soil particles. The soil has a lower concentration of soultes dissolved in it, such as mineral ions. The soulte has a lower ocncentraion in comparison to the concentration of the solured inside the root hair cell. The soil water has a higher water potential that the inside of the cell. Water then is allowed to enter the root hair cell by osmosis. The water movement diluted the content of the cell. This increases its water potential. This continues right through the roots. This is osmosis (
  • The Potato Test

Fill half a boiling tue with tap water, which is followed by a second boiling tube being filled with concentrated sucrose solution and the third left empty. A a cut potato chip with equal size and use a wieghing scale to measure each of them before adding it to the boiling tube. Then add a chip to to each boiling tube.


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