Cells, Exchange and Transport notes

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Module 1 Cells

Cell Structure

Resolution; light microscope is 200nmTEM and SEM is 0.2nm

Magnification; light microscope is x1500SEM is x100,000TEM is x500,000

Magnification is the degree to which the size of an image is larger than the object (itself).

Resolution is the degree to which it is possible to distinguish between two objects that are very close together.

Samples used in light and electron microscopy are stained to enhance visualisation of the specimen.

(Linear) magnification is calculated by dividing the image size by the object. M=I/O.

Features of cells, Organelles (Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes or Both) and functions: Nucleus (instructs protein synthesis), Nucleolus (contains DNA coiled around histone protein), SER (production of lipids), RER (protein transport), Golgi apparatus (modifies and packages proteins into vesicles), Mitochondria (produces ATP during respiration), Ribosomes (protein synthesis) , Pillus (sexual…


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