Causes of the cold war - exam prep

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  • The fact that the USA hid that they had nuclear weapons from Stalin during the Postdam Conference of 1945 and that it was an atomic bomb
  • the 'Iron Curtain' speech conducted by Churchill in Fulton, Missouri on the 5th March 1946 which basically described the severity of the threat of communism and how he was persuading people from the UN to help stop the spread of the Soviets
  • the Kennan speech in February 1946 where he described the Soviets as a hostile threat
  • the Turman Doctrine and Marshall Plan both egged on the distrust felt by the Soviets as they described the two plans as dollar imperialism by Molotov, the USSR also stated that by releasing these doctrines they were breaking laws and buying politics/economic control


  • when the USSR were in the Eastern European countries causing trouble, particularly in


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