Catholic Christianity - Popular Piety - 2.5

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2.5    forms of popular piety

popular piety = worship, respect and devotion shown to god and the saints

 “expressions of piety extend the liturgical life of the church, but do not replace it.” (ccc)


the main forms of popular piety

1.    the rosary

2.    eucharist adoration

3.    stations of the cross

4.    pilgrimage

there are more, but these are the main ones.


the rosary

from the latin rosarium = ‘the crown of roses’

it involves focusing on key events in the lives of jesus and mary,e.g. the annunciations, the baptism of jesus, the crucifixion.

prayers are arranged in sets - decades

one decade = one “lord’s prayer

                                    ten “hail mary’s”

                                    one “glory be”

 importance and significance

-       it provides a structured, calm time of prayer and meditation

-       it gives an opportunity to remember the main events in the life


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