CASE STUDY- NYC and the Bronx

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New York is a world city and controls 40% of the world's finance


  • Started in 17th century with massive immigration from outside the USA
  • 1950 population boomed and transport/subways linked poverty stricken areas to jobs in the city
  • Port of Manhattan increased manufacturing employment


  • Began with bus, train + subway development in 20th century


  • Good job opportunities for the white
  • low paid jobs for the ethnic minorities for poor became poorer
  • 'land of opportunity'
  • Ghetto developed with concentrated ethnic groups
  • Ghettos were run down and impoverished
  • Hybrid cultures emerge
  • Equality between ethnicities CAN arise
  • Segregated societies
  • Tension between ethnic groups
  • Sense of traditional home culture lost


  • 1 of the poorest areas in America
  • Small farm village grew due to transport to a rail road suburb 
  • Urbanised as a manufacturing centre
  • Was 1st home to wealthy land owners then migrants moved in


  • Most mulit-ethnic diverse area in the country
  • White americans are the minority
  • Much crime + poverty + rented accomodation + gangs + drug abuse


  • After WW2 many


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