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Monosaccharides- a single unit without glygosidic connections to other such units.

example: glucose

properties: white crystaline solid 

                  soluble in water and other organic solvents

                  interacts with plane polarised light

glucose is in an equilibrium between its open chain form and its ring structure. ( the ring structure doent explain its reactivity). 

The open chained form is an aldehyde (aldose as its a sugar) 


The closed chain form is prefered in solution

Glucose and Galctose are reducing sugars ( as they are aldehydes in open form) and are hexose sugars. 

cyclic sugars containing a six membered ring are called pyranoses 

fructose is a non-reducing sugar ( its a ketone in open form) and a pentose sugar

cyclic sugars cantaining five membered rigs are called furanoses

Oligosaccharides: monosacaharide units


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