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California - disaster hotspot


  • Area prone to natural hazards and disasters
  • HIC
  • Population of 40 million in 2008
  • GDP per capita is $40,000
  • It is the wealthiest state in the USA
  • Coastal area has many urban areas e.g LA, San Francisco and San Diego
  • Major tectonic hotspot
  • Extreme weather brought by el nino and la nina
  • The north of California is prone to wildfire as it has a lot of forest cover
  • The coastal area of California is in danger of landslides

California lyes on a conservative plate boundary (San Andreas Fault). At this plate boundary the Pacific plate and the North America plate are moving in the same direction but at different speeds. The Pacific plate is morving faster than the North America plate. In order for the Pacific plate to slide past the North America plate, friction is built up and pressure must be released. When this pressure is releases the main type of hazard in California is generated which are earthquakes.

Wildfires and bushfires are common in California. As Los Angeles expands


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