C7 Ideas in Context 2012

Do plasticizers make boys more feminine?

This Idea’s in Context paper links in with C2: Material Choices which is about:

·         Natural and Synthetic Materials - Yes

·         Materials and Properties – Yes

·         Making Measurements – Doesn’t Link much

·         Materials, Properties and Uses - Yes

·         Chemical Synthesis and Polmerisation - Yes

·         Structures and Properties of Polymers – Most important part

·         & Life Cycle Assessments – Doesn’t Link much

It would be a good idea to have a quick refresh on all these topics as all of these have some relevance to the paper.

The main part about this paper is all about the argument of whether plasticizers do make boys more feminine and the lack of reliability presented. First of all what is a plasticizer? A plasticizer is a chemical that is added to polymers to increase flexibility by reducing the forces of attraction between the chains of monomers.

A group of the plasticizers called phthalates have been tested for safety and banned for use in toys for babies and young children à this is due to their being a lot of contact with the baby as it may be chewed for example.  Whereas they can still be used furniture and packaging as there is less likely to be the same contact with children and therefore they will




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