Practice Questions for the 2012 C7 Ideas In Context Exam

13 Questions for the article: Do plasticizers make boys more feminine? Possible marks awarded included. 

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Possible C7 Ideas In Context Questions for the 2012 exam: Do Plasticizers Make Boys More
1. How do plasticizers alter the properties of a material? [1]
2. Why might this new, modified, material serve a better purpose? [2]
3. Explain the use of the Precautionary Principle in relation to this article. [2]
4. Why might phthalates be banned in children's toys but not in furniture or packaging? [2]
5. List three problems with the accuracy of the study carried out on the children [3]
6. How might one of the problems listed in Q5. Be improved? [1]
7. Before the theory of the effect of phthalates is published it must undergo peer review.
Describe this process [3]
8. What further evidence might be needed to add reliability to the study? [2]
9. What is a polymer? [1]
10. List one natural polymer and one synthetic polymer not mentioned in the article [2]
11. Apart from the addition of plasticizers, how else might a material be modified to change its
properties? [2]
12. For what use could PVC that has not been plasticized (uPVC) be needed for? [1]
13. Why might scientists have conflicting views about this theory? [3]


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