C3 Food Matters

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Nitrogen Cycle

  • Nitrates in the sil are absorbed by the plants and are also put back into the atmosphere by denitrifying bacteria.
  • The plants decompose into ammonium compunds, and animals eat the plants and either poo or decompose into ammonium compounds. Nitrifying bacteria turns ammonium compounds back into nitrates in the soil.
  • Nitrogen fixing bacteria are found in the soil and the roots of the plants.
  • Lightning can also put nitrogen in the soil.
  • Taking plants out of the ground removes that nitrogen from the cycle.

Organic Farming

  • Fertilisers:
    • Crop Rotation
    • Animal Manure
    • Animal Bodies
    • Plant Bodies
    • Compost
  • Pest Control:
    • Natural Predators
    • crop rotation
    • grassy edges of fields
    • natural pesticides

Intensive Farming

  • Fertilisers:
    • Chemicals
    • Pellets
    • Sprays
  • Pesticides:
    • Chemicals
      • Could leave residues on food

Natural Polymers

  • Carbohydrates
    • Glucose is the monomer.
    • Cellulose and Starch are the polymers.
    • Used for respiration and photosynthesis.
    • Made of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen.
    • Bread, potatoes and muesli
  • Proteins
    • Monomers are amino acids.
    • Made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.
    • Meat, eggs and fish.
    • Builds skin, hair,muscles and mostly tendons.
    • Excess amino acids are taken to the liver to be broken down into urea and then to the kidneys where the urea is removed and passed out as urine.


  • Type 1
    • Develops in young people.
    • The body can't produce insulin


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