Brothers - Mr Bruff - A* Analysis

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Andrew Forster - Auto-biographical poem about him and his brothers. 


The relationship between brothers. Plutonic love. Written in free-verse, where it doesn't follow any sort of rhymes or rules. Allows the poem to read like a conversation, it backs up the child-like conversation. More authentic, more like an apology. He didn't have to try to make it like a sonnet, ghazal etc. 

Saddled with you for the afternoon, me and Paul ambled across the threadbare field to the bus-stop, talking over Sheffield Wednesday’s chances in the cup while you skipped beside us in your ridiculous tank-top, spouting six-year-old views on Rotherham United.

'saddled' this word is a very negative word, a saddle that you put on a horse. Suggests that the little brother is a burden that Andrew feels like he has to carry. Such as he is the horse and his little brother is riding him. 'you' direct address, written to the little brother, wondering why this is a negative poem. 'threadbare field' worn-out field that symbolises the relationship of these two brothers, tired of each other. 'ridiculous' popular in…


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