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Easy Terms ­ what do we learn about Mrs Johnstone
"Easy Term" ­ "Term" loans/credit ­ giving up her baby ­ easy to do in the short term ­ not
in the long term
"Never sure who's at the door" ­ refers to repossession men ­ never knowing when they
are going to turn up and ask for most valued posessions.…read more

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One Day in October
`Summer' is over. The trio have reached 18 (adulthood)
In September:
Eddie is going to university for his first term.
Mickey has asked Linda to be his girlfriend and has a factory job.
`Winter' has arrived. The challenges of adulthood have had an impact on the boys and
By Christmas:
Eddie has enjoyed university, made new friends and had a full social life.
Mickey has married the now pregnant Linda and has lost his factory job.…read more

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What impressions do we gain of Mrs Lyons and Mrs Johnstone in this extract?
What are your thoughts and feelings about Mrs Lyons and Mrs Johnstone here? [10
Mrs Johnstone: ( Hello
Mrs Lyons: How long have you lived here?
Mrs Johnstone: A few years
Mrs Lyons: Are you always going to follow me?
Mrs Johnstone: We were rehoused here ... I didn't follow...…read more

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Mrs Lyons: Even when - when he was a tiny baby I'd see him looking staright at me and I'd
think ...he knows. ( You have ruined me But you won't ruin Edward! Is it
money you want?
Mrs Johnstone: What?
Mrs Lyons: I'll get it for you. If you move away from here. How much?
Mrs Johnstone: Look...
Mrs Lyons: How much?
Mrs Johnstone: Nothin! Nothing. ( you bought me off once before...…read more

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Mickey doesn't give up the pills until it's too late, and he is violent and difficult with
Linda. He gets the gun and goes to shoot Eddie. He also gets angry with Mrs
Johnstone for giving Eddie away.
Eddie has an affair with Linda ­ was the baby who got given away and became the
`privileged' one and had a successful life.…read more

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Mrs Johnstone Vs Mrs Lyons
Who makes the better parent?
"Keep it a secret, eh Eddie. A secret between you and me".…read more

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There's money on the table".
"If the teacher lets the silly gets play with magnesium".
"A bike with both wheels on".
"Silver trays to take meals on".
"A garden to play in".
"You'll never find him effin and blindin".
"My mum says I haven't got to play with you".
"His clothing would be made by George Henry Lee".…read more


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