Brain Cells

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The human brain starts with 100 billion nuerons and we loose about half as we get older.
THe white matter is the myleonated matter.
Grey body has the nuerons. 2
The cerebellum co-ordinated the brain we have 70 billion nuerons, it helps with cerebral output. 
There are bigger longer nuerons in the spinal cord. 

Types of braincells and how did we discover them?
They had to discover how to use the microscope, then slice the cells thinly and preserve the tissue in fromaldyhyde. Afterwards they had to develop stains to visualise these neurons.

glial cells (no extrapolation)
ependymal cells: spinal fluid ventricles they make new nuerons (nnuero genesis) at the start of 2000, first paper published in 1995. You can make new neurons.
Microglia: clean up dead or degenerating neurons or glia- does this play a role in ALS? 

(c) has all of these features 

The spines on the dendrites allow greater surface area for communication with the nuerotransmitter. 

Axon lenght:
type 1: long, they refer to ones that go from the brain to the spinal colum and include between brain regoins.
type II: Cells that remain in one brain area

Multipolar: lots of little swiggles coming off the lines. (they look more like vines or bushes) 

Calssification of dendrites 
stellate (a/d) becasue they're star shaped

peramidal (triangular) 

The dedritrtic tree, they grow and receed because of neuro adaptations. The more that we experience the more thant dendritic trees change.  If in ainapp amount of dendrites made it can cause too much confusion and noise for the axon to understand i.e. autism. 

Dendritic spine abnormalities 
They put a window over the skull and using a mutli photon micro they could measure changes…


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