Biology - Enzymes and Digestion (section 1)

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Enzymes and the digestive system. (section 1)

The digestive system provides an interface with the environment because food substances enter the body though it.

Interface - Where an internal and an external environment meet.

Parts of the digestive system;

  • oesophagus - Carries food from the mouth to the stomach, thus being adapted for transport. Made up of a thick muscular wall.
  • Stomach - Muscualr sac that has an inner layer that produces enzymes. The stomach's role is to store and digest food (mainly proteins). Glands in the stomach produce mucus, this prevents the stomch from being digestested by its own enzymes.
  • Small intestine - This is where food is further digested by enzymes that are produced by it's walls and glands. The inner walls are folded (villi) giving a large surface area The villi's surface area is furthewr…




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