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Biology - unifying concept


Domain - largest

Archaea - extremophilec

Bacteria - "normal" bacteria

Eukarya - kingdoms

                   - protists, fungi, plants, animals

organism - multi-cellular organisms

population - all the same species in a given area

community - all populations

ecosystem - living/non-living

emmergent properties - whole is bigger than the sum of its parts

biosphere - the zone of land, water, air at thte surface of the Earth where organisms exsist

Scientific Name - genes then species

Extrapeted - not in this location

organ - group of tissues doing a relatively similar function

heart - cordiac muscle, nerve tissue contracts heart valves

organ system -                        digestive, circulatory, vacular, nervous, peripheral systems

stomach                -            primary           

small intestines     -            primary

secondary - pancreas liver gallbladder

nautral selection - mechanism of evolution caused by enviornmental selection of organism most fit to reproduce

artificial selection - international breeding of certain traits or combo of traits to reproduce

biodiversity - scientific method - observation, hypothesis, experiment/observation= conclusion/hypothesis =scientific theory


asexual - more chance for bad genes

sexual - exchange different genetic material

genes - how to develop

adaptation - change or modify for the enviornment for a survival advantage

evolution - change over time

atom - smallest unit of matter that has the characteristics of that matter

cell - the structural and function unity of all living things



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