biology unit 1- adaptions for survival

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Adapt and survive

  • To survive and reporduce organisms need materials from the surroundings and from other organsisms living there
  • plants- light, co2, oxygen, water and mineral ions
  • animals- food, water and oxygen
  • adaptions-special features of an organism that make it especially well adapted to live in is environment
  • adaption examples- plants= big leaves to increase photosyntheis, animals=sharp teeth for predators to eat meat
  • most organisms live in temp less than 40' so enzymes can work but the ones that live in conditions above this are called EXTREMOPHILES as enzymes would usually denature
  •  cool conditions= small SA to volume ratio so they can preserve heat
  • hot conditions= large SA to volume ratio so they can loose heat
  • plants can loose water through holes in the


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