Ben's Cells, Tissue & Organ Notes


Animal and Plant cells

Part Function

Nucleus Contains genetic material and controls the functions of the cell

Cytoplasm Chemical processes happen here

Cell membrane Controls the movement of substances into or out of the cell

Mitochondria Site for aerobic respiration

Ribosomes  Site for protein synthesis

Plant cells: Extra Parts

Part Function

Cell wall Strengthens and supports the cell

Chloroplasts contain chlorophyll which absorbs sunlight for photosynthesis

Vacuole filled with cell sap to help keep the cell turgid

Specialised Cells

 Sperm cell: Carries male genes to the egg and fertilises it. 

  • Contains many mitochondria to provide energy through respiration 
  • Has a streamlined shape and a long tail to propel it
  • A large head for the nucleus
  • Contains acrosome, a …


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