B2(i) - Life Processes 1.

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Life and Cells.

Plant and Animal Cells have Similarities and Differences.

Most human cells, like animals cells have the following parts:

  • NUCLEUS - Contains genetic material that controls the activities of the cell.
  • ENZYMES - Found in Cytoplasm, speeds up and controls chemical reactions.
  • CYTOPLASM - Gel-like substance where most of the chemical reactions happen. It contains Enzymes that control these chemical reactions
  • CELL MEMBRANE - Holds the cell together and controls what goes in and out. 
  • MITOCHONDRIA - These are where most of the reactions for respiration take place. Respiration releases energy that the cell needs to work.
  • RIBOSOMES - These are where proteins are made in the cell.

10.1_ animal_cell_V2 (http://www.skooolnigeria.com/studyuploadedimages/Coord10.1%20animal%20cell.gif)10.1_plant_cell_V2 (http://www.skooolnigeria.com/studyuploadedimages/Coord10.1%20plant%20cell.gif)

Plant cells usually have a all the


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