Behaviourist approach


Behaviourist approach

  • Behaviourism sees behaviour as being learned through experience via interaction with the environment
  • It is only interested in studying behaviour that can be measured and observed
  • Behaviourists suggest that the basic processes that govern learning are the same in all species


  • It assumes that all behaviour is learned
  • What has been learned can be unlearned
  • Abnormal behaviour is learned in the same way as normal behaviour

Classical conditioning (learning through association)

  • When a response produced naturally by a certain stimulus becomes associated with another stimulus that is not normally associated with that particular response
  • CC= Pavlov, conditioned dogs to salivate to the sound of a bell
    • Before learning- food(UCS) produces salivation
    • During learning- food(UCS) + a bell(NS) produces salivation (UCR)
    • After learning- a bell(CS) produces salivation (CR)

Operant conditioning (learning through consequence)

  • Skinner suggested that learning is an active process and humans and animals operate on their…


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