Battle of Hastings


October 14th 1066 - Battle of Hastings
The Norman army was victorious
Harold, Leofwine Gyrth and many more nobles were dead by the end of the battle
This was a huge physcological shock to many of the men in the English army
1/2 million Anglo saxons vs 7,000 Normans. William must act decisively as he is heavily outnumbered
Moves the army to Dover, the town surrenders
Canterbury also surrenders
The Norman army then travel to London
Elite Anglo Saxon nobles gathered 
Edwin Earl of Mercia

  • Morcar of Northumbria
  • Edgar of Atheling
  • Alfred Archbishop of York
  • Stigand Archbishop of Canterbury

The Anglo Saxons supported Edgar of Atheling for King
William needed to get to London as quickly as possible so he could cut London off from the rest of the country to stop supplies to city so the Norman's marched around London, burning and killing everything on their way. Edwin and Morcar fled up north. At Wallingford Normans meet Stigand Archbishop of Canterbury, he wanted to make a deal

1952 - Robert Jumierges was Archbishop
Archbishops were usually monks first but Stigand was not a monk nor did he have the support of the Vatican

Stigand hoped that by making…


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