Battle Of Hastings

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Williams Preparations

William was furious that Harold was claimed the throne, William decides to attack England and readies his fleet of warships. 

William's men prepare for the invasion. Woodmen fell trees and shape them into planks, which were made into ships; they also hired ships from mercenaries. Food and drink are taken to the boats, so are weapons: coats of chain mail, helmets, swords and lances - they then set sail. The sea is crowded with ships, full of soldiers and horses. 

He sent Lanfranc to Rome to portray Anglo-Saxon England as a sink of corruption and decline, gained the support from the pope and transformed a power struggle in north-west Europe into a Holy war, a Just War. William went into war with a papal banner above his head. (Thousands flocked to join William as he had a cause) 

Battle of Hastings; why William won and Harold lost. 

Edward had promised William the throne; he needed a stronger army and asked for more of the Godwinson family - they wanted more power. 

After the death of Edward; Harold was given the throne (After being the vassal to the King) William then built his army up to invade…


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