Baron and Cohen

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Background - Autistic individuals are diagnosed with the 'Triad of Impairments': Difficulty with social interactions, difficulty with verbal and non- verbal communication and a lack of imagination.

Austistic people lack the theory of mind.


  1. Adults with austism and AS with be impaired on the theory of mind tests.
  2. Within the 'normal population' females will do better than normal males.


  • Quasi experiment
  • Independent-measures design
  • Self-report measures


IV = Whether the participant has autism or not.

DV= Correct responses to tests / how well the participants do.


  1. High-functioning volunteer autistic participants ( 13 male, 3 female)
  2. Normal participants (25 females, 25 males) - Control group
  3. Tourette's participants (8 male, 2 female)


Control group is controlled because of their age and IQ. Also to control extraneous and confounding variables.

Procedure: ( did four tasks to decrease order effects )

  1. Eye's task - 25 different faces only shown…


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