Background info on 'The Great Gatsby'

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-The term 'Jazz age' was actually coined by F. Scott Fitzgerald. 

-The term was most commonly used because of the popular jazz music and culture. 

-This was due to the migration of people the USA had esperienced after the first world war. 

-Jazz originated in New Orleans, although it s a fusion of African and European music.

-The prohibition was a nationwide ban on the sale, consumption, production, importation and transportation of alcohol that lasted between 1920 and 1933. 

-It forced drinking underground.

-People set up their own bars disguised as things such as bakeries. 

-They made lots of money because they could set the prices of their alcohol. After all its not like people could just go anywhere and get it. 

-Because transportation was dangerous, it was very slow and so people started to make their own alcohol called 'moonshine'. 

-People died every year from drinking moonshine that had gone wrong.

-The term 'bootlegging' literally comes from people carrying alcohol across the borders of countrie in their boots to avoid being caught. 

-Over time, bootleggers changed their tactics but kept their names. 

-New York and Chicago were the cities most famous for their gang related crime. They were home to big time gangsters like Al Capone. 

-Al Capones parents were Italian immigrants and he earned the nickname 'scarface' due to the scar that ran the side of his face. 

-He was seen as the modern day Robin Hood as he gave…


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