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Cell Division

  • Mitosis
    • Where? Body cells
    • Why? Growth and repair
    • Number of new cells: 2
    • Number of chromosomes produced: 46
    • Clones of parent cell? Yes
  • Mieosis
    • Where? sex cells
    • Why? Making gamates
    • Number of new cells: 4
    • Number of chromosomes produced: 23
    • Clones of parent cell? No


  • Phototropism is when a plant apperas to grow towards the light
    • This is because the auxin (plant growth hormone) moves to the shady side of the plant, making that side grow faster and bend towards the light.
    • This helps with photosynthesis as more pf the plant is lit up.
  • Darwin had 3 plants, he put a metal cap on the tip of one, the middle of the other, and the bottom of the 3rd.
    • The 1st one…


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