Aversion therapy

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  • the aim of aversion therapy is to help people get rid of undesirable behaviour.
  • it is a behaviourist therapy becuase it says we learn these unwanted behaviours fromt eh environment, therefore we can treat them in the same way.
  • in the case of aversion therapy it suggests that behaviour is learnt  through calssical conditioning.
  • aversion therapy aims to remove the behaviour it self, rather than the actual psychological cause of it.
  • hence, adapting scientific method of studying objective behaviour i.e. which is observable.


  • using the features of classical conditioning, Aversion therapy is used to treat people who have problems such as alcoholism and self-harming.
  • the people undertaking averison therapy (to treat alcoholism, for example) learn to associat e something which they want to avoid (neutral stimulus- alcohol), with an unpleasant stimulus (unconditioned stimulus- emetic drug).
  • during conditioning the stimulus that they want to avoid (alcohol) is repeatedly associated with an unpleasant response (unconditioned response- sickness)
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