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Aversion therapy: a treatment based on the principles of Classical Conditioning

What is it?

Aversion therapy is based upon the principles of Classical Conditioning in that it has the
potential to remove undesirable behaviour by associating the unwanted behaviour with an
aversive stimulus.
The therapy is best for treating addiction…

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emotional, physical and legal consequences of sex offences. The researchers found that the
offenders' physiological arousal and self-reported measures of arousal were reduced
following treatment.
P C Duker & D M Seys (2000) reported that they had reduced self-injury in 41 children with
learning difficulties. Non-aversive therapies and milder aversive…

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Systematic desensitisation, as it also uses the principles of Classical Conditioning.
The variants of Systematic therapy are Implosion therapy and Flooding, which again, use the
principles of Classical Conditioning. Try researching these for yourselves.

Evaluate Aversion Therapy (4 Marks)


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